Before Your Exam

Patient Information — DITI Scanning
DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) is non invasive, painless, non contact, and there is no radiation. DITI is a clinical imaging technique that records the thermal patterns of your body. Your thermal images are used by your healthcare practitioner to help diagnose and monitor pain or pathology in any part of your body.

Patient preparation:

  • Do not have physical therapy or electromyography on the same day thermography is performed.
  • Wait 3 months, if you are nursing or have had surgery.
    Activity – Do not smoke or have caffeine for 2 hours before the test, do not use lotions or liniments on day of test, stay out of strong sunlight day of test.
  • Diet – No changes necessary.
  • Medicines – No changes necessary.
  • Disrobing – You will be removing clothing down to pants. Removing jewelry. Putting on surgical gown.

Description of test:

  • Patient time for test: 15 – 30 minutes.
  • You are given time for your skin temperature to equalize with the room temperature.
  • Examining rooms can be uncomfortably cool when you disrobe for the examination.
  • Thermal images are taken of the whole body, or just areas under investigation.
  • A lumbar assessment would typically include, low back, pelvis, and legs.
  • A cervical assessment would typically include, head and neck, upper trunk, and arms.
  • Neurological testing can include a “cold stress test”, this just involves placing a hand or foot into a bowl of cool water, or having a cool gel pad applied to any part of the body.

Purpose of test:

  • Help in determining cause of pain.
  • For the early detection of disease and pathology.
  • Evaluate sensory-nerve irritation or significant soft-tissue injury.
  • To define a previously diagnosed injury or condition.
  • To identify an abnormal area for further diagnostic testing.
  • To follow progress of healing and rehabilitation.
  • To provide objective evidence.

You are welcome to have a partner or friend accompany you during the imaging. If you have any problem keeping your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible.